Technical translators for software and IT

Hardly any other industry has such a strong demand for technical translators as the software and IT industry. Shaped by relatively simple and far-reaching international distribution of the products from this sector, there is a large and challenging field of activity for technical translators.

Das Aufgabenspektrum für technische Übersetzer im Softwarebereich erstreckt sich von der Übersetzung von Produktdokumentationen, Handbüchern und Programmtexten bis hin zu Informations- und Marketingbroschüren, wobei die Software-Lokalisierung eine der häufigsten Anwendungen für technische Übersetzer ist.

Although English has become the standard language for software developers and telecommunication companies, end customers and users usually expect program and menu texts to be available in their national language. We have qualified technical translators who can handle this task for you.

An excerpt from the companies with which we collaborate.

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